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CTF Files for Ferrari and Red Bull 1.0

More-faithful-to-real-life car performances in Qs & Rs 4 Red Bull & Ferrari

  1. Salut Gilles
    This mod simply exchanges car-performance files between Red Bull & Ferrari.

    If you're tired of (almost) never seeing Vettel start in pole position in Race Only, or (almost) always out-perform him and Webber by a lot in Qualy, this mod may help emulate end-season's RL more than the (bad) default factory settings.

    Original factory files provided in the un-zipped backup folder, in case this mod does not really work for you.

    If you prefer to do this easy mod yourself, backup you original f12013\cars\fe2\fe2.ctf and f12013\cars\rb2\rb2.ctf files, just rename the fe2.ctf file to rb2.ctf, then the rb2.ctf file to fe2.ctf, and move each new CTF file to it's respective fe2 and rb2 folders.

    OTOH, if you don't want to do it yourself, just copy the un-zipped cars folder to your f12013 installation folder.

    Feedback welcome.
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