Cosworth MSP 2013-09-17

Cosworth Switch Panel + Stand

  1. CC

    rFactor 2 GMT Model
    3DS Model - Blender Compatible
    UVW Map Wireframe
    UVW Map Shaded
    With Complete DDS Shader File.

    This Mod is for Part of A Project And his Not installable Ready.
    Shortly Will be Adding Full Animation with All Functions
    When I get Finished with my Project Car.

    Membrane Switch Panel (MSP)
    The Cosworth Membrane Switch Panel (MSP) is a fully customised membrane switch panel supporting up to 20 momentary push button switches in a variety of combinations, with an embossed outline around the edge of any button.

    I Am Now working on Gear Leaver & Handbreak assembly that Connects to This (MSP)
    And Have not yet Tried to Animate at all Anything yet ,So if someone has the time to To Animate the Display would be Mutch Appreciated :thumbsup:
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