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RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 "RD COMMUNITY SKINS"

RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 "RD COMMUNITY SKINS" 1.1

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RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 "RD COMMUNITY SKINS"

During the development of the RSS 2018 Hybrid there was many changes in direction the content took,
the car was originally developed and painted using community names/numbers/flags but due to the car been exclusively sponsored by Wave Italy SRL we placed the pack on the backburner.

Released to the RD community the pack includes 22 hand crafted liveries using multiple colors and variations,
includes tires/tcams and all 4k content to keep you racing longer and harder.

Please be respectful any issues kindly report them in the support section.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_formula_hybrid_2018\skins

Simply drag and drop the skins here, they may conflict with official release skins.

Special thanks to @formulaHEINE and @bastoner97
for there texture work.

Latest updates

  1. Updated to V3 specs

    Updated TCAMS Updated Previews with new style halo graphics

Latest reviews

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Thank you very much for your beautiful works ! ;-)
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Wonderful,thank you all.
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Thanks! :-)
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Great job, thank you!
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Great work by bastoner97 and FormulaHeine, love the skins!
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Thank you :)
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Thank you! Finally my own car for content of RSS :D
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