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Corsa Cup 0.6

WIP from K3nny @ ISI Forums

  1. Xavier de Carvalho
    Corsa cars, WIP. Mod by K3nny at the ISI forums. Thanks for this mate :)

    Update from K3nny F
    Hey everybody
    This is my first preview for my first own selfmade CAR in state Aplha V0.1. After a several setbacks, I have already reached a state that I can release the car for a first preview and it can turn the first round in other hands.

    my progress:
    - model 85%
    - sound 70%
    - paint 90%
    - physics 95% (clio is the base)

    Instruction to use the rim template.
    Use the body template name and add behind the name extra1.
    example: Foder ...\settings\CORSA CUP 2010\Corsa_01\
    Corsa_01.dds for the Body
    Corsa_01extra1.dds for the rims


    Updated Skin Template:




    Updated Images:




    New images are by bassweight from ISI forums.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ian Franssen
    Ian Franssen
    Version: E
    Great car to drive already, drives like the clio but still needs a lot of work on toher aspects as the car is still in development
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