V8 UTE's 2013-09-02

2 V8 Holden and Ford UTE Trucks

  1. Xavier de Carvalho
    Thanks go to Supermario and SAF.

    "Thank you to SimRacing A Full ..and especially SuperMario for giving me the permission to convert the Yokohama v8_Utes to RF2 Without there great work this wouldn't be possible .
    This was a big learning curve and all the feedback given from everyone was extremely helpful.

    Thanks to Robzee for making physics changes to suit rf2 and open up the drive ability of the car and give me the understanding of the file structure more
    Thanks to Nib for all the help given on the tyres Which got the project going again and feedback on the drive of the car

    many Xfactorians gave there two cents .... and some. lol thanks guys the more testing the merrier most of the time

    Theres plenty of things that still need asdjusting and Will get fixed with knowledge lol

    The tyre Model is from the Nissan GTR so they are fairly grippy compared to RF1 but will throw you round just when you think your comfortable with the feel Wet tyres are also working but at this stage its just a TBC and TGM change.
    Textures still need work in areas more so the chrome but I'm still playing with It

    Once Again thanks to every one who helped and continues to help Make this a fun mod" - Nibiru


    1. GRAB_257.jpg
    2. r1cho_2013-07-19.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dan Allen
    Dan Allen
    Version: 2013-09-02
    Changed my ratinbg because I finally got it working! Great fun to drive, will spend hours on these I'm sure. Just remember, if you download, go to discussions tab and download the Ford & Holden links, NOT the 2 V8 Utes link! It won't work if you use that. Great mod though, definitely recommend it.
  2. Smelly Skidmark
    Smelly Skidmark
    Version: 2013-09-02
    These are awesome to race, and not to hard to tune to your liking. Great fun
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