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Circuito de Jerez

Circuito de Jerez 1.0

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Location - Jerez, Spain

About this Project:

This is not my first Track, but it's the first that reached a stage to be released. I really like this Track but never found a Version for Assetto Corsa, so I decided to make it myself.

Track Features:

  • 2 Layouts:
  1. GP outline.png (4,428km)
  2. Moto outline.png (4,423km)
  • Physical Mesh
  • 35 Pit Boxes
  • Track Map with Gras and Gravel
  • Dynamic Groove
  • 2 Camera Sets: TV Cam (based on real live TV Cams) and Race Director Cam (based on the real live Race Director Cams)
    fixed track cams.jpg
  • Working AI
  • Working Start Lights
Thanks to Damian95 and felpel102 for testing and motivating me to continue working on this.


Latest reviews

The track make my game crash
thank you very much.
Poor work.
Too many bumps, and entire skyline is black (Win10 64). Why?
Thanks a lot. I like so much this fantastic track. Hi5 from Spain.
There is no words to discribe the plaisir to drive on this track.
One of the best i've ever raced on.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing ;)
It looks great, but is extremely bumpy. Any plans to update this track? It could be one of the best if the bumpy surface was smoothed out.
This track has got potential, but there's too many issues with it as it is. Above all it's waaay too bumpy and this really ruins the experience. And because it was released 3 years ago with no updates since, I guess there's no hope in this ever getting fixed. A shame.
This is the best Mod Track I've ever Raced on!
It is just brilliant.
Superb racetrack, very nice to race on ! Thanks
What an amazing creation. Just raced as Villeneuve in the VRC 97 Williams and finished 2nd to Schumi. Great memories of the European Grand Prix that year. Thanks.
Very well recreated, maybe something more bumpy than it should be, but nothing that can't be fixed in future updates.
All I have to report is that it is not compatible with the latest version of Sol 1.4.2 (black stripes on the horizon). Good job mate.
there's always 2 things i love from mods, 30+ pit boxes and working AI
Por fin un Jerez en condiciones, gracias amigo!
there is still an issue with the AI pit entry line. Faster cars will overshoot the corner and collect drivers on the pitstraight
it's just bad, corner radius are completely off, elevation changes are completely off aswell.
Excellent ! Thanks !
This is a great render! The only criticism I have is that the skyline is buggy. I'm not sure if it's like that on it's own or there's some incompatibility with Sol 1.0, but I haven't seen this issue anywhere else.
alex meyer
File size
178.8 MB
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User rating
4.61 star(s) 80 ratings