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Circuit of the Americas 1.1

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Great track!
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My favourite track mod ever! Amazing thank you. Only two things needed to make it perfect - more rumble in wheel when going over the kerbs and make AI faster, as they are too easy and slow. Other than that - World Class !!!
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Love that track!
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Best track ever, please convert to automobilista, pleeeeease
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Layout and boundaries are well done, and with the exception of the way the garage, grid and pit stalls are configured makes for a great league racing venue. Would love to have the GP pits laid out for 40+ individual entries though instead of having it set up for F1. Any way to get in touch with the track author?
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Tried with 30 drivers. #16 has the box closed and its outside. So I suppose in an online race the guy has no chance to get to his garage menu. Missing some bumps. The rest is almost perfect, good job!
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One of the best tracks for RF2 if not the best!
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Needs tweaks, but great track for early release.
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Good. Track modelling is almost perfect. Graphics are OK, but need improvement in color and textures. Some extra track elements are missing as well (like tech tracks from iRacing). In night transition I had some textures flickering.

I'll give a 3 out of 5 just because we are talking about rFactor 2. It's a good track. I'd race on it without any problem.
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Great track indeed!

2 working DRS zones!!!

Great track for URD DT5 and F3.5 2014.
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Frederic Schornstein
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