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ISI GT Cars Sprint BOP (Nissan GTR GT1, Corvette GT2, Camaro GT3) 0.5

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All copyrights belong to ISI Inc. I only did a few basic physics changes to make the car raceable against each other in one class.
All liveries except one per car have been removed in order to keep the filesize down in this early stage (my upload isn't the fastest).

The aim of the mod is to provide a BOP, which allows to race the ISI GT cars as well as the Apex Modding SLS GT3 against each other.

The first tests are very promising and therefore I decided to make a public release to get more feedback and maybe a few races to see how the BOP pans out.

The cars are build to race in 1 hour sprint races and due to the smaller fuel tank all cars except the Apex Modding SLS have to do a pit stop. Tires are changed after the car is refueled, which allows for diffrent strategies (no tire change, only changing two tires, changing all four tires).

Additionally the GTR received an upgrade package, which gives the car auto-blip on downshifts, but adds 25kg of weight.

The Corvette upgrades have been changed as well. The 2010 engine comes with a penatly of 15kg as it is a bit more powerfull and easier to drive than the 2009 engine. For both engines you can get a gearbox with auto-blip as well, which will add an extra 25kg and is only recommended to get to know the car as it will ultimately be the slower configuration.

Detailed Changelog:
Camaro V0.3
- Reduced weight by 90kg
- Reduced fuel tank to 68L
- Fuel/tires are done seperate in a pit stop
- Increased fuel flow rate
- Adjusted tire change time
- Removed most liveries and changed car name to allow for A/B testing and reducing the file size

Corvette V0.3:
- +35kg overall mass
- Reduced fuel tank to 54L
- Fuel/tires are done seperate in a pit stop
- Increased fuel flow rate
- Adjusted tire change time
- +15kg for 2010 engine upgrade
- +25kg for 2009 engine with auto-blip
- +40kg (15+25) for 2010 engine ugprade with auto-blip
- Removed most liveries and changed car name to allow for A/B testing and reducing the file size

- Removed teams
- Increased base drag
- Added 175 kg of weight
- Added auto-blip gearbox option in tuning menu +25kg of weight

Latest updates

  1. Adjusted BOP, added liveries, TC is now a tuning upgrade

    Camaro: - Reduced weight is now only 65kg to the original (It was 80 kg in the previous...
  2. Corvette Fuel tank adjustement

    Recent test reveiled, that the fuel tank size in the Corvette could be a little small for the...
  3. Camaro BOP adjustements

    Camaro v 0.4 - Added 10kg of weight (still 80kg below the orignal) - Added a 80kg weight penalty...

Latest reviews

decent BOP while preserving the original ISI feeling of these cars - good job!
stuff apex or any mod

these are rf2 cars they should be raced as is

dont alter isi content esp before it is even finished

how stupid
Frederic Schornstein
Frederic Schornstein
So you can actually race them against each other ;) The alterations are fairly small.
THX good job

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Frederic Schornstein
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