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Caterham R500 1.02

Cat R500 for GSCEx

  1. HDV Update ; ingame adjustable st.wheel lock/rotation

    Patrick Giranthon
    Hi all,

    Mod updated to version 1.02.


    - HDV updated, now adjustable ingame steeringwheel lock/rotation, working for GSX Ex version 1.50 and above.
    Default lock ingame = 14 degrees, range from 10-34.
    Default rotation ingame = 540, range from 450-540.

    - Showroom: added dynamic shadows under car.

    Extract folders "GameData" and "rFm" to your main directory of GSC Ex. Allow overwrite existing files if you already have a previous version of this mod...
  2. Talent files added

    Patrick Giranthon
    Forgot them :confused::roflmao:
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