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Caterham R500 1.02

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Hi all.

Here is the Caterham R500.
Light weight, road tires, many HP, you will need some skills to master this nice car.

  • 3D, shaders and damages : RSV
  • Sounds : Dom
  • Physics : myself, helped by Renato
  • Template : Seb Skin's
  • Package : myself
Realfeel :


You can use between 1800 and 2000 for MaxForce.

Better to use the virtual mirrors. 540° seem good for the wheel but it depends of tastes.

Extract Gamedata and rfm folders in GSC root.

Note : uses Reiza75 slot

Latest updates

  1. HDV Update ; ingame adjustable st.wheel lock/rotation

    Hi all, Mod updated to version 1.02. Updates/Fixes: - HDV updated, now adjustable ingame...
  2. Talent files added

    Forgot them :confused::roflmao:

Latest reviews

Actually better than the old ones from rFactor 1.
Not as good as the one in Assetto Corsa though.
Will you port it to Automobilista?
AMS deserve the best Caterham there is! :)
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Absolutely Superb and great physics.
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Thank you for the continueing support of these superfun mods. :)
Upvote 0
Super fun car! Still spinning it a lot.
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This car looks great, sounds great, and is just freaking fun to drive.
Thanks, Patrick.
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Pure gold, thank you everyone who was involved making this mod!!
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A tricky and enjoyable car with good feel and a nice varied set of skins that really helps with immersion
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top quality mod for a amazing car! challenging to drive but predictable. thank you Patrick and all the guys that help
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These Caterham's are challenging and just a blast to drive! A very professional quality car mod here for GSC. I recommend adding the real feel values given by Patrick here and add those values to reel feel right away. Feels fantastic now. A big thank you to Patrick, Renato and Co, Great Mod!
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Patrick Giranthon
File size
68.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.91 star(s) 11 ratings

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