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Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995

Caterham 7 Super Sprint | 1995 1.35

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Assetto Corsa - Ben O'Bro - Caterham 7 Super Sprint 1995 0.7 @Nurburgring GP (GT) (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - Ben O'Bro - Caterham 7 Super Sprint 1995 0.7 @Nurburgring GP (GT) (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Very enjoyable.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
If you could elaborate why you put only 4/5 i'd be interested :)
Great work on this, lots of nice little details on the model.
Excellent fun. Thanks so much for the update.
0k Thank You =)
I have built a Caterham 420R and this mod is the nearest match for me, looking forward to the 420R.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Not yet, update is due next week ;)
Keep working well like that.
Driving was superb. Graphic was great.
Thanks for your continued efforts to improve this superb car even further. It's easy to see why you enjoyed your real Caterham so much :)

And no need to apologise for continuing to update where necessary, I'm sure everyone appreciates your commitment to tweak and refine this wonderful machine :)
I know I do... Superb, high quality work!
(especially being your 1st mod)

Thanks Ben & Jack :)
Really nice, thanks.
just fyi ui tags should probably be "great britain","manual"

rather than uk and h shifter, to match kunos ones
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
thank you! I will fix that :)
Awesome work lads, thanks for your continued work on this and the technical details that go along with the awesome model.

I tested my new road FFB mesh with this car as it both visually and physically gave me all the information I needed.

A top quality, Must have mod... Simple as!
awesome mod, great fun
Yup, thank you
Many thanks for updating this little jewel ! ;-)
Thankyou very much for these cars, they are my go to vr fun cars. keep um coming
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
thanks! I wish i had vr to try them out... The academy should follow in the coming week(s)
Thank you :)
So fun to drive, and a truly great addition to the car roster. Thanks a lot !
Thank you so much. This car is just wonderfull to drive. I have a smile on my face at every apex. Just looking at the reflection in the chrome back to the headlights makes me smile. The detail is amazing!!!
Thank you very much!