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Castrol Raceway Edmonton

Castrol Raceway Edmonton 0.92

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-AI sidelines updated (Thanks Zombie Boy), they now behave much much better.

Still in the works
- In game map
-Buildings and structures

Here is a Video with the improved AI

* Note, for me, the AI side-lines still revert back to the old version after completing a session, but others don't seem to be having this problem. For me, I can just drag the .zip folder back into content manager to fix the AI lines, but this is less than ideal. If anyone knows a solution to this issue, please PM me.
A few minor improvements
- track limits corrected, before you could cut corners quite aggressively with no penalty
- grass surfaces near track fixed (this was part of the same issue with the track limits)
- Improved (but not perfected) AI paths

Still to come
- working track map
- building scenery
- better replay cameras
- Better AI yet