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Castrol Raceway Edmonton

Castrol Raceway Edmonton 0.92

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Obviously I'm going to give this improvement five stars!

I've posted a permanent solution for the AI in the track's thread and sent a fixed version to the author, so hopefully this will be picked up on soon :)
Looks nice so far! I'm having some issues with AI, specifically in a Miata ND race, where pretty much everyone on the left hand side would immediately go left and ride up on the wall a bit, pretty much taking them out of the running straight away. They'd get off but at massive time deficit.

Aside from that, the map is pretty far off from where the track actually is. The actual track, however, is great and the video walk-through is wonderful as well.
Thanks for the review. I was also having the same problem with the AI doing that. I was able to temporarily fix the issue by reinstalling the track in content manager, but then it would only work properly for one race. If you look in the track discussion, another user had a proper fix for it, I have yet to test it, but he claims it should work. Here it is copied here.

'This has something to do with the cached data. There is a topic about this somewhere, but in short: go to CM Settings > New AI behaviour > and turn OFF the extra options for AI splines which say "cache .."

You can also force AC to load the splines if everything fails by holding Shift when it's loading the track, IIRC.'
Nice job. Also, thanks for making the drag strip drive-able too. I'm sure this could be part of a future development....
What a fantastic track you have developet
Thank´s Emersson
Best regards
I'll love it! thanks for releassing it.
Nicely done, I love seeing more and more Canadian tracks being released. I've only done a few short hot lapping sessions but I am really enjoying it, hope to see work continue!
Thank you! I did some work on some improvements this morning, I should have an update to some of the track limits, and AI lines this weekend. Glad you're enjoying it!
Nice work!
Thank you! Was a bit nervous about my first attempt at a mod track on here.
This mod is really well made. The track is fun with smaller cars like the Lotus Elise. Ai can use some work as they seem to pile up near the pit wall upon starting the event. Apart from that the track is perfect.
thanks for the comment! yeah i struggled with the ai a bit. certain car combos are better or worse than others. I will try to improve for the next version! (might be a while)