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Car UI improvements for CM (Kunos) 0.1

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This changes some of the user interface entries for the cars in Assetto Corsa to a more clean and presentable format.

I've removed some useless tags like nationality and "race" since Content Manager already covers that in a better way than through the tags. all cars will have their tags ordered properly and consistently as well

example: drivetrain, gearbox, *aspiration, car class, subclass

example info
Drivetrain= RWD / FWD / AWD etc
Gearbox= manual / sequential
Asbiration= Turbo / Supercharged / Hybrid etc (if naturally aspirated this will be blank
Car Class= LMP / GT / Hot Hatchback etc
Subclass= LMP1 / LMP2 / GT4 / GT3 etc

so far I've only done the ABARTH manufacturer but I do plan on doing all Kunos cars including DLC

here's an image example

just drag n drop everything into AC's root directory.

this replaces the file entirely, and I won't be providing a backup, so if you want to revert youll have to back up the original files yourself (by copying them or changing the file name) or delete the "ui_car.json" on all the kunos cars and use steam to download the files again.
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Nice addition to those who like keep in order in that small stuff. Will wait for updates.
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