1. StoRMiX43

    Forza Motorsport 4 UI 1.0

    VIDEO SHOWCASE (Big Thanks to Shifter & AR12Gaming!) DAY |BMW F10 M5 2012|Camino Viejo| NIGHT |BMW M3 GT2|Bernese Alps| (Used C13 PPFilter for Screenshots) Features ~ Speedometer with RPM Detection (4K-20K) (New!) ~ ABS and TCS On-Off Detection (New!) ~ Configuration App with Scale and...
  2. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Update - F1 1975 by Bazza v1.1

    example image Feel free to remove the "F1 (1975) -" in the car name, this is just how I like sorting car classes with more then one year.
  3. carricudizilla

    Usak International Raceway v0.1 (UI & Loading Screen Update "v0.1.1") v0.1.1

    Original Mod Link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/usak-international-raceway.52068/ This mod contains only UI & Loading Screen files for the mod. And for avoiding confussion, it was labeled as "v0.1.1"
  4. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Updates (Tracks, Kunos) v1.0

    simple mod that updates the game's track metadata for a more clean and consistent look. (ignore baku lol) an example image DISCLAIMER: - this mod overwrites the original "ui.json" files. Make a backup.
  5. carricudizilla

    Baku City Circuit (baku_2022) UI & Loading Screens v1.0

    UI Information and Loading Screens
  6. Z

    Gran Turismo replay logo 2.0

    A replacement for the default Assetto Corsa logo used in the 'Logo AC' app included with the game. This mod can be useful for replays to give a Gran Turismo feel. Now with a Gran Turismo 7 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue option, with a smaller version of each to recapture GT's photo mode...
  7. Z

    Motorland (Motor Sports Land II) - UI update 1.0

    Just a quick fix for the Motorland (Motor Sports Land II) track for Assetto Corsa. This track is available here by DTM1120, and the track quickly became a favourite of mine for tossing small cars around. However the title and description were lacking detail, so I've written my own decription...
  8. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Updates for CM (Cars, Mods) 0.1

    I'm tired of having to clean up modded cars myself with every install, so now I'm making and uploading my tag and GUID updates to RD to share with everyone who is also annoyed with dealing with it. Currently done GPL 1500 (by bazza) (all cars done in pack) Example Image Installation manual...
  9. B

    Any speedometers that are like this one https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/assetto-corsa-console-hud-for-pdash.24272/ but mph?

    I really like the simple look of https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/assetto-corsa-console-hud-for-pdash.24272/ but would like something similar with mph, if anyone could link me one that would be appreciated.
  10. Sylana

    Numberplate Livery Icon Generator for Content Manager 1.21

    Make your livery icons with just one click easily Less work for skin creators and people who just want a clean UI One example for livery icons created with the generator only: You need to have the following fonts on your PC installed, otherwise you'll get just the default fonts from CM...
  11. DeLaFuente99

    Stowe Circuit - New map, outline and UI 1.1

    Hi, first of all im new on this things so maybe my work its not the best, but its honest work I raced a lot on this track on AC but the presentation on content manager was not the best, so i decided to update it. This addon contains the track map (becouse on the original track the map is from...
  12. ltcars

    URD Michigan EGT Real UI 1.0

    The ui files, so the car appears under its real-world name in the launcher. You can choose between the Chevrolet brand or the Corvette brand. For installation, unzip the file and put one of the folders into the AC installation path. Have fun!
  13. Kostakop_

    ACGUI - New Assetto Corsa Clean UI 1.5

    THIS MOD IS VERY EARLY WIP SO MANY MORE UPDATES TO COME ADDING AND REPLACING MORE AND MORE OF THE UI If anyone knows how to change the CSS I would greatly appreciate it if you could DM me New Assetto Corsa Clean GUI This mod replaces the old Assetto Corsa icons and brings a fresh breath and...
  14. Canunu454

    Canunu's UI Updates for CM (Cars, Kunos) 1.0

    This changes some of the user interface entries for the cars in Assetto Corsa to a more clean and presentable format. I've removed some useless tags like nationality and "race" since Content Manager already covers that in a better way than through the tags. all cars will have their tags ordered...
  15. Noctam

    Pessio Garage Mustard Bull SCCA B Prod. Trans-Am UI Real Name 2021-04-06

    The files compressed in this package modify the Mustard Bull SCCA B Prod. Trans-Am mod by Pessio Garage to show the real name and badge. This doesn't modify the in-game car name so it's online friendly. How to install: Extract this zip file contents to the car directory, confirm overwriting...
  16. Noctam

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 UI Real Name 2021-03-27

    The files compressed in this package modify the RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 mod by Race Sim Studio to show the real name and logo and a short info field. This doesn't modify the in-game car name si it's online friendly. How to install: Extract this zip file contents to your Assetto Corsa...
  17. StoRMiX43

    PDash - NFS Underground 2 UI 2.1

    VIDEO PREVIEW (Big Thanks to A.B.G and Shifter!) PREVIEW "Riders on the Storm..." !INSTALLATION! 1.To Install, simply drop the downloaded zip to your Content Manager and then click install! 2 . Go to Content Manager - Settings - Assetto Corsa - Apps and ENABLE "Developer Apps" and then...
  18. Wolf24h

    Pit Cones (PC) 1.0.0

    This is my shot at making something more immersive than a floating 'PIT' sign in vanilla AC. I tried to keep it neutral so it fits every car and age from 1920 to 2020, nuggets to F1. You can install it as a mod with CM or JSGME or overwrite the original file. Mod is using an emmisive shader. If...
  19. AndreasFSC

    Super Touring Custom UI for Race 07 1.0

    AL Super Touring Custom UI for Race 07 -------------------------------------------------------- This is a custom UI to get some variety. The layout and page order is basically the same, but track selection now comes after car selection. Some extra details and information has been added. A...
  20. Wolf24h

    Flag Stripes 1.0.0

    Inspired by the way ACC displays flags I decided to evolve and move it to AC! With this mod flags are displayed as a stripe above the mirror so you can focus more on what matters the most in racing instead of looking into a corner of your screen. Penalties are displayed below the mirror so the...