Call of Duty Ghosts - HD 2013-11-02

helmet with Cod ghost logo

  1. juuppie
    my second helmet upload
    this time based on the new call of duty game Ghosts
    hope you cod fans like it:D
    just replace gen22
    -remember always backup your original files-

    :notworthy:*tnx to gerald to learn me how to make this beautiful render Untitled-2.jpg *:notworthy:

Recent Reviews

  1. wazza1
    Version: 2013-11-02
    An unbelievable thing of beauty! It's so hard to tear my eyes away from it.
  2. Hawaiian Guy
    Hawaiian Guy
    Version: 2013-11-02
    Nice thank you for sharing
  3. CC
    Version: 2013-11-02
    Awesome Job Really detailed 5*****