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Bryce Canyon 0.90

Conversion of KittX's Bryce Canyon for rF2 by SJ

  1. _SJTracks
    First of all, a big thank you to KittX, the original creator, for giving me permission to convert this track. This is a long time favourite of mine, so I felt it needed a decent conversion with the bare minimum that rF2 tracks should have - working marshals, realroad, billboarded crowds etc. While there's still a fair bit of work to be done graphically and with the AI (see the readme included in the download), the track as it is now is more than ready for a public release. I'd recommend high downforce cars or anything that loves to get sideways a lot.

    If anyone feels they can contribute to the development of this track at all, please feel free to contact me. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

    Alternate download link: https://mega.nz/#!J45USSZa!dIzY5entlbiKbXBqmiPj8cuallydpdkbLM3oVKScodU


Recent Reviews

  1. asehauDLM
    Version: 0.90
    Ah, I almost forgot about that track. Thanks for bringing it to rF2!
  2. Tumthy
    Version: 0.90
    its okay, i guess
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