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BMW M3 E30 hillclimb 0.83

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Two BMW M3 E30 hillclimb (ex DTM) with complex aero.

The first is that of René Aeberhardt :
This one have a sequential gearbox, and the bigger rear wing is taken into account for the aero (the game physics) so more understeers.

The second is that of Francesc Gutiérrez :
A skin :

In the setup the change are for the two side at the same time because I think this is not helpful to have an asymmetrical adjustment in hillclimb.


- Extract the folders "bmw_m3_e30_hillclimb" and "bmw_m3_e30_hillclimb_2" in content\cars.

- Copy from folder "bmw_m3_e30_dtm" all the files and folders exept "data.acd" files and "ui" folder, say yes for merge folder "sfx" then "do not copy".

- In sfx folder rename "" to "" and ""

Look at my profile page for Hillclimb tracks.

Please help me to improve this cars, say me all the problems, suggestions, etc in support tab.
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  1. back to kunos suspensions

    - back to original suspensions - littles changes on aero (downforce distribution)
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  3. minors parsed files correction.

    minors parsed files correction.