BLM Times

BLM Times 1.5.2

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Very good and unique app with that delta map. Love it!
Thanks as always Blamer. A great app to go with your other great apps!
Great app, and update!
top apps !
The delta bar is built the same way as the map over a few clean laps?

Regardless, I really like using this app! Thank you for sharing.
it works with kunos deltas, so it needs a clean lap to cofront to. It will compare deltas to best times in a next update.
Thanks for your review
great app
Been able to use it for few months, then it suddenly started making the game crash everytime for whatever reason

Besides that, I think it only misses the predicted time (as the AC stock app does) of the current lap, then it's really a 5 star app.
It makes AC crash just after loading all cars
It's a feature!
You could have asked for help in the support but... nevermind
Very nice for a retired guy.
Works very nicely