1. J

    ACC Lap Delta Bars [SimHub] 1.3

    Inspired by ACTV Competizione This is an attempt to replicate ACC's lap delta info bar for use as a SimHub overlay in AC. There are two styles: one with car IDs and one without: FYI: The delta and times needs at least two valid laps to become accurate Some modded cars might not play nice...
  2. L

    Please help - Time delta not shown anymore (in Sidekick/Deltabar)

    Hi guys :) I'm suddenly having a problem: Apps like Sidekick and also Deltabar do not show my delta to my best driven lap anymore. And this is only the case for the Nordschleife (so far, i tried 2-3 other tracks and there it works), on which I did many best times with many differnet cars in...
  3. W

    the forbidden mystery machine 1.0.0

  4. el_locho

    Wiper animation for Rally Legends Modders' Lancia Delta S4 0.1

    This addon animates the car's wiper of the four Lancia Delta S4 mods by Rally Legends Modders. The wiper animation will only work in game and in the new CSP (0.1.78+) showroom and requires at least CSP 0.1.76 to be installed, although in order to get rain in the game, a CSP preview from...
  5. A

    SubStanding (Extended) 2.14

    This app is an extension to by MegadetH_44 (who kindly gave me permission to publish my changes). Install To install this app it is recommended to use Content Manager by just dragging the zip over the Content Manager Window. You can...
  6. XIV

    XIV Overlays 2.1.1

    What is it ? This is a bundle with all my simhub overlays oriented for ACC. I bundled them to simplify dev and install and synchronize the versionning more efficiently. Refer to the end of post for install instructions. Tyres (new) Displays : Tire slip (more red = more slip) The average...
  7. Giacomo Maiocchi

    Lancia Delta S4 Martini (H.toivonen/S.Cresto) 1.0

    The Martini Racing N°4 Delta S4 was the one driven in 1986 by Henry Toivonen and Sergio Cresto during the Tour De Corse group B championship, ended in disaster the 5th of may with the crash of the car and the death of Henry and Sergio. I have recreated this livery in Dirt rally 2.0, the original...
  8. madmax_2a

    IlGorillona_Lancia Delta_White v1

  9. madmax_2a

    Il Gorilla 4S_Red and Yellow 2021-03-29

  10. madmax_2a

    IlGorillona_Lancia-Delta-4wd-San-Remo-Winner-1987 V1

    Enjoy it !! ;)
  11. H

    Delta Integrale San Remo '93 Lore (4 variants) 2021-01-06

    Original San Remo Esso Gold Livery, also added as Blue, Red and Green variants
  12. skl1984

    Lancia Delta HF integrale - Alitalia V.1

    Lancia Delta HF integrale - Alitalia Instal: Just copy the folder frtom the zip file to the game directory "cars" Hope you like it !!
  13. skl1984

    Lancia Delta HF Jigger - Stefanis 23o Rally ΔΕΘ v.1

    Lancia Delta HF Jigger - Stefanis 23o Rally ΔΕΘ Installation Simply copy paste the folder in the cars folder in dirt rally 2.0 directory. Hope you like it
  14. skl1984

    Lancia Delta HF Integrale 1989 Sanremo Rally D.Auriol V.2

    Lancia Delta HF Integrale 1989 Sanemo Rally D.Auriol Install: Just unzip the folder in the cars folder in game directory Hope you like it !!!
  15. Frontloda

    DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 audio in DiRT Rally

    Hello, Has anybody ever tried to use the sound files of DiRT Rally 2.0 in DiRT Rally (1.0)? I can't imagine that the audio engine has changed that much. Since the Lancia Delta S4 finally has a nice supercharger sound, i would love to use it. Previously I used the sound file of the Lancia 037...
  16. T

    Templates Gr.B Class for DR2.0 2019-03-14

    The files include both external body and windows template. Cars Included: 205 T16 Delta S4 Metro 6R4 Sport Quattro S1 RS200
  17. T

    Templates Gr.A Class for DR2.0 2019-03-05

    The files include both external body and windows template. Cars Included: Escort Cosworth Delta HF Evo VI Impreza 555
  18. hossy 0saka

    MARTINI RACING 1992 for LANCIA Delta HF Integrale 1.0

    Vehicle: LANCIA Delta HF Integrale Livery: MARTINI RACING 1992 Didier Auriol Class: GROUP A Installation: Don't use NeFS Edit Tool. Please make a folder as below and put in the downloaded pssg files. ... DiRT Rally 2.0\cars\ldi\livery_00\textures_high\ Thanks: Ryder25 (EGO PSSG Editor)...
  19. Blamer

    BLM Times 1.5.3

    I had modified splits app by Murilo Faria (credits to him for his great initial work) years ago because it was abandoned and had problems with invalid laps/splits, resetting times, wasn't aligned to Kunos splits, etc. Then I added a few things: Laptimes Delta (from best session time for now...
  20. H

    Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 0.80