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Blancpain GT Series 1.2

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Hi guys and welcome to a little addition to career mode. :)

Its based off the Blancpain Endurance series with each track in its season order except Paul Ricard which has been replaced with Imola. Because of the AI unable to pit the laps are unfortunately limited to 10 however as soon as this barrier is removed I plan to update it to include 1 hour and 2 hour races. In addition, when new GT3 cars are added again I'll update.

Please inform me of any issues or bugs when using the mod and I'll try and fix it. Thanks!

  • Choice between the BMW, Mclaren and the Mercedes GT3 cars
  • 90 minute practice session, 60 minute qualifying
  • Green track to replicate real life track conditions at a race weekend
  • 11 AI opponents - 4 BMWs, 4 Mclarens and 3 Mercedes
  • 100% AI difficulty
  • 5 tracks to replicate real season - Monza, Silverstone, Imola (replacing Paul Ricard), Spa and the Nurburgring
  • Spa starts at 8am with 22x time speed to replicate as best as possible the Spa 24 hours.
  • Real life driver names from the series
  • Correct liveries from the series (although some are from 2013 due to the lack of 2014 Blancpain skins currently available)
  • Championship structure
Thank-you to Alex Odell, Ryan Lee, Gr3nox and [RSR]Deathstroke for the skins used in this mod.




Latest updates

  1. V1.2 released

    V1.2 Removed off track penalties Corrected Spa circuit time of day Added BMW Sports Trophy Team...
  2. V1.1 released

    V1.1 BMW Z4 GT3 series added Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 series added Folder name for Mercedes adjusted...

Latest reviews

Good afternoon! Everything is wonderful, but there is an error-Blancpain Career \ Blancpain Career \ cars \ mclaren_mp412c_gt3 \ skins \ 2013-Boutsen_Ginion_Racing \ ui_skin "skinname": "Boutsen Ginion Racing",
"Drivername": "Marline Broggi", "Karim Ojjeh"
"Country": "be",
"Team": "Boutsen Ginion Racing",
"Number": 15
} I did so: "drivername": "Marline Broggi & Karim Ojjeh", and earned. Thanks (English translation, Googl)
Good! Are you thinking about an update? With the newer cars and the single player pit stop this career could be great!
Awesome job!
Absolutely excellent, great job :)
Great, thanks ...
Wonderful Job!
Wonderful job!
Paul Ricard has been updated yesterday! Now perfectly working with pit lane and great AI ;)
Thanks for the update!
brilliant addition
This mod will be perfect when modders will add the Paul Ricart track :D
Great addon...keep good work!
Wonderful addon for Assetto Corsa lovers! Thanks You
Thanks for it! :-) Kunos is need more improve to the AI, because sometimes the opponents are crash to my back in the pit with nearly full throttle, especially in Monza. :DDD
Huge thanks!!:)
wonderful job bringing the Blancpain GT Series to AC. thx a lot =)
Thank you. This is excellent
thanks all!!
Thank you .

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Coming Soon
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