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Blackwood 1.2

Blackwood, Rfactor2, RF2, leonardo1962

  1. Ian Franssen
    Blackwood track conversion by Leonardo1962


    This is Leonardo1962's first track for release, its a conversion of the LFS Track.
    Blackwood has one road- and one rallycross course (plus reversed directions),
    situated in England's countryside. Blackwood is known for its versatility,
    because it contains a bit of everything.
    This environment is also available in the LFS S2 demo.

    + no mirror visibility of tires and cones in SCN File to get more frames.
    + reduced the number of visible cones to get more frames.
    + The realroad now looks better and gets dirty how it should be with rubber graining
    + fixed GDB files to prevent ctd
    + changed wp_pathinfo1 in AIW, but files still some AIW will do a roll over
    (funny to see and a good opportunity to take over)
    + introduced a small Podium at the pitbuilidng
    + reduced Cameras positions and improved camera-movements
    + fixed the DRS Zone (now working at the long stright line, but no DRS Signs)
    + reworked start light, should work now also in single and multiplayer
    + fixed Objects and scn parameters to increase framerate
    + some more objects for ReflectionMapper
    + rebuild some objects

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Recent Reviews

  1. Leonardo1962
    Version: 1.2
    low framerate but relly nice to drive
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