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Black Vodafone McLaren Merceds - Full Team Package

Black Vodafone McLaren Merceds - Full Team Package 1.0

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Amazing! please add 96! :)
Looks awesome but I really want to use this with other mods. Can you add the ERP files?
Looks fantastic
Very Good
It's perfect but, can you put the erp installation files too, because I wanna play carrer with Ferrari Malboro too but, the clothes are the vanilla ones.
Nice work, hope you keep updating to fix the car numbers, thanks.
geil! könntest du das Honda 2008 Team für F1 2019 erstellen wie du schon mit McLaren und Ferrari gemacht hast. Das Team soll Williams ersetzen
The vehicle just looks perfect in black. Unfortunately, I have a problem with my number in career. Unfortunately, the position does not fit properly. can you tell me how to improve that?
Max Muster
Max Muster

I know that issue. For a complete car swap you need to create and change all number from 1 to 99 (it's a lot of work).
At the moment I'm too lazy to change all the numbers.
Available numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10,11,16,18,20,22,23,26,27,33,44,55,63,77,88,98,99

I'm sorry :/
Very nice
Great piece. Can you do a silver version as well? Thanks.
Max Muster
Max Muster

KeisariKine did a silver/chrome Vodafone McLaren livery

very nice