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Bathurst 2.00

No permission to download
Nice, thanks!
It says error opening Cloudsdefault.MAS. how do I fix?
Excellent work , a pleasure to have this special circuit with that detailed work.Thanks for your time workig on it and for sharing. Feel free to use my vid as an intro for your last Bathurst version.
Amazing work. Thank you for your efforts. This update is outstanding
Thanck for give us this great cirquit
With stock v8 lots of sinking in the ground in the pits and on the track, max detail. Maybe it's just me.
I am amazed at he graphics; road, trees, surrounding scenery. Just goes to show there is still life left in DX9. Thank you for sharing.
great job, thanks a lot
Brilliant update tested with the Metalmoro AJR. AI is really good and I could just keep up with top 5 AI at 95%.
Absolutely amazing! Thanks so much.. I only had time for a few laps last night; it's looking stunning and from what I observed, the AI is much better. especially through the fast left hander section (going into Sulman Park I think it's called). This was always I spot I could pass them easily. Not any more :)
Great stuff.
What an amazing work you did mate !!! Thank you !!!
Amazing work! thanks mate!
Thank you soo much.
5-stars is barely enough!! I have only one comment to detract from absolute perfection: the track and environs are too clean compared to reality. The entire surface is perfectly and freshly paved (maybe true for a certain year, but some irregularities make it more interesting). Many of the adverts are heavily saturated and look digital instead of plastic or wood or paint. Just those sorts of very minor details separates it from the absolute best :)
looks great another nice update from Gringo.
That's one pretty piece of work. You're doing great Patrick!
Thats quite an update!! Thank you very much
Thank you very much.
gostei do vídeo
Amazing as all the PG work. Thanks
Great job! Thank you :)
Nice work
Thank you for a great update !
One of my fav tracks for one of my fav racing game!
Thanks a lot!
Top quality mod!
Great job. Thank's !
So good, the best.
Excellent, look how many people download the V8 Supercars tracks, would like to see, the other ones, Thanks for all your work.
Please if you can , some more V8 Tracks,
Só elogios. Perfeita. Traçado, grip, cameras, Texturas... Show