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Bathurst 1.01

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Excellent work
Track has a really nice flow. Beautiful, too :-)
I did a video on this circuit:

anyone can beat my lap time?
Great track. Really good version. Thanks alot.
Perfect <3
The most fun you can have on a mountain. Love this track.
Very good model of Bathurst ***** :) Thank You
Brilliant map, no troubles here and is a very faithful recreation!
thank you very much.
hours spent on this track, bloody excellent mate
Really fun track!
Thanks! I've been racing this for years and forgot to say thank you.
Best Bathurst version!!
Great work!
Superb! Scary and fun at the same time.
I've spent hours and hours on this circut.
Great Job!
very fun track
Very good model of Bathurst
Very good job, but I found hotlap times 1-2 seconds higher than real ones. Maybe the real circuit is a bit shorter or some corners are wider. Anyway it's a great replica of the Mountain!
Thank you!! This is excellent and was sorely missing in my track list!! Great work!! Have not experienced any AI issues as has been reported by some others.
nao funciona em realidade virtual :´(