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Bathurst 1.01

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Really good, can't wait to practice along for the 2024 race!
thanks good
As someone who lives in Bathurst, has used the track (its also used as a public road) on bikes and in cars, this is a super accurate map. Amazing job!
great, accurate track
Great track...must have for any Bathurst fan...
I was kinda septic about the quality of this mod since it's from 2016, but it is very well made! Looks like an OEM track!
Great map, I recommend for anybody who likes Bathurst.
thank you very much.
It's the best version of Bathurst I've driven on in Assetto Corsa so good job.
This game deserved Bathurst, thanks for giving it to us!
Fantasic work, love this track!
awesome! thank you
Thank you
Wonderful !!
Reminds me of the good old days on Race game. The track is very well made and accurate
Excellent work
Very good !!! thank you !!!
Excellent work
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