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Bathurst 1.01

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Thank You
I love this TraCK!
very nice thanks , I advise to get the (AI update) "ACU Bathurst AI 2017-07-02" update for this track , as stock version in this base track has problems with wall collisions at a couple of points, and this ai update fixes this, its found easy with a seach on this forum.
very detailed, one of my favourite tracks in AC !!!
Thanks, this is one of my favorite tracks
Thank you for this!
Great mate!
great work
Very nice
It is becoming my favorite track to race on!
Love this track
great track!
HI! i like this track a lot however, i am experiencing a bug? perhaps? the grass texture is much brighter than the 3d grass foliage. Is this buy chance as shader issue and if so, what shader version is confirmed to work. Thanks!
A great track for lapping, nice work
Muchas Gracias =)
very good work from the modder. its a pleasure to go fast here
Track is fantastic however I must concur with another review in that the AI are terrible. They crash and bounce off the walls constantly. Thanks for your efforts guys!
why the IA is so bad in this track :( i love the mod but i cant race
when staring AC I get this message: 1/29/2019 8:40:43 PM : * Problems with tracks: acu_bathurst-day,acu_bathurst-night .json file missing or invalid
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