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Bathurst 12 Hour 2017 Skin Pack (beta) V0.5

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Ok lets call this a beta release as I wanted to share some of these skins rather than have them stuck on my hard drive :)

I like to do skin packs if possible this one is focussed on the Bathurst 12 Hour 2017, there is 30 cars all up and the models used are as follow and you need them all installed

397 Ferrari GT3
397 Audi 2018
397 Bentley 2017
397 BMW gt3
397 Mercedes
397 Porsche GT3

Enduracers Flat 6

ISI Nissan GTR GT1
(this is an update package its a very rough update to the GT1 to BOP it to the 397 GT3 cars it will never win a race but is a great field filler if you don't like it don't install it.(if someone wants to creat a better version and maybe add the new shaders to the car drop me a PM)


Is a mas install you do this by dropping the relevant mas file into the most recent folder (for example the Audi would go into folder 1.79 of your install) in each of the cars (except for the Nissan it is a normal install) they should all show up under the following category

Bathurst 12 Hour, 2017, Class A
Bathurst 12 Hour, 2017, Class B

Some of the models used are incorrect for the race but they are the best available models and once you are in game racing up mountain straight you hardly notice

As I said its a beta 0.7 version known issues or work yet to do is as follows

Icons to be added (if someone wants to do them drop me a PM)
Talent files for all cars
Talent files don't work for Nissans
Update packages for all cars to be created
Add in Aston Martin
Add in more Porsche Cup cars
Maybe improve the Darrel Lea Mclaren (it nearly killed me doing this so I may never look at it again)
Maybe add in the Lambo's


I have done all of the skins except for the Teckno & Objective Mclarens so credit to the original skinner Stiggy for these, also I used Ned's Flat 6 Gartner car as a base for Wall Racing 6b so credit to Ned for this skin.

Also for the Bentleys I used the 397 skin as a base so obviously credit to 397.

If you like my skins shout me a coffee to keep me awake :)

Hopefully you enjoy this pack!

GRAB_118 (2).JPG
GRAB_119 (2).JPG
GRAB_120 (2).JPG
GRAB_121 (2).JPG
GRAB_122 (2).JPG
GRAB_123 (2).JPG

Latest updates

  1. Update known issues

    I forgot to add in the known Issues Finish the Wall and Hobson Nissans (they are holding skins...

Latest reviews

Fantastic job, if we could only give the Nissan a boost.
I did play around with it and it is pretty crude there is actually two because I could not get the talent file to work, a pro and am version the works Nissan’s use the pro while the wall and Hobson Nissan use the am I might up the pro one a little for next update
As always a great work mate and thank you for sharing.
Thank you mate for your support there is a few Ferrari’s waiting for you... just saying ;-)
Awesome work man. been waiting for bathurst skins. are you going to add more from 2019 and 2020?
Definitely 2019 then maybe 2020 but no promises
Thank you for the wonderful work.
Thanks for the support
Good work. Thanks.
Thanks mate
Outstanding work, thanks for sharing!
Thanks mate apprecaite the support
Thanks so much for adding this. Was only last night I was looking high and low for a Bathurst skin pack like the IMSA ones. As an aussie, appreciate this.
Thanks mate hope you like it I have a 2019 one in the works also :-)
Very nice addition
Thank you
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