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Basic Hud for PnG (Power&Glory)

Basic Hud for PnG (Power&Glory) 1.0

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Hi lads,

this addon was born out of the necessity of seeing flags icons on screen while racing with minimal hud on, because it was otherwise impossible to understand if there was any yellow or blue flag signalled on track (apart from the tiny track marshalls).
Problem was, the only way to get flags icons on screen was to use the full hud, which however clutters the screen with information I just don't need. I only need the gear indicator, the speedometer and the screen icons. Nothing more.
So, I edited some files here and there and I made this for personal use. Now, after some testing, I wanted to share it with you

What you'll see now when using the full hud is your gear, your speed, flags and alert icons. Nothing else. Simple, easy, and compact
I also corrected some minor errors in the files, cleaning and moving things so to get a tidier and more aligned effect. You won't need the minimal hud anymore!
The package is JSGME ready.


Davide Nativo
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