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Bang Energy F1 Team 2021 - MyTeam Mod

Bang Energy F1 Team 2021 - MyTeam Mod v1.1

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After a mixed debut season in Formula 1, Bang Energy are back for 2021. With a new look livery (and new signing Pierre Gasly), Bang Energy are back with, well, a BANG!!



This mod includes a default livery (as well as one for each of the MyTeam engine suppliers), driver suits, driver boots, driver cap and a basic Bang helmet for you to customise or use as it is.

ERP Archiver manual installation only as to reduce file size and work load for me. An installation guide is included.

Feel free to use this mod in YouTube videos etc, just remember to give credit (and maybe drop a link in the discussion tab ... i would love to see it) !!

Thank you once again, and enjoy!!
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Latest updates

  1. v1.1 - Suit and Livery update

    v1.1 brings an update to the driver suits to fit the overall livery theme better. It also...

Latest reviews

Hey, I am just having trouble getting the livery over to myteam, I see it in the customization tab then equip it but it shows the normal racenet livery in myteam any suggestions? other than that, Fantastic!
All that I can say is to make sure you are following every step in the installation guide to ensure correct installation.

Did you only edit the fom_car.erp and not the my team ones? Did you edit them but not save each erp?

Other than this, I don't really know what could have caused this.
As mentioned in 2020 Season skin, this is amazing!
I sorta hope J13 is gonna make a 2022 Livery too :P
Absolutely excellent work!
can you release copy & paste installation ??
Amazing addition to the first livery
Great job ! i'm also a new driver in bang's F1 Family
Looks BANGing
I'm sorry I had to do it
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