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  1. carlsenth

    Looking for a way to quiet down the sound of the Clubsport V3 clutch

    After finally switching to the great Clubsport V3's i have discovered this annoying problem where the clutch makes a rather loud "clunk" when it's fully compressed. It's not a design flaw by any means, but in my setup my neighbor on the other side of the wall can hear it, and it's understandably...
  2. J13

    Bang Energy F1 Team 2021 - MyTeam Mod v1.1

    After a mixed debut season in Formula 1, Bang Energy are back for 2021. With a new look livery (and new signing Pierre Gasly), Bang Energy are back with, well, a BANG!! This mod includes a default livery (as well as one for each of the MyTeam engine suppliers), driver suits, driver boots...
  3. J13

    Bang Energy F1 Team - Custom My Team Mod [REQUESTED] v2

    A new sponsor enters Formula 1 - Bang Energy! This mod was requested by user kebago6658. This mod brings Bang Energy into F1 2020 My Team Career Mode. The mod currently includes a standard, as well as Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes and Renault car liveries. This mod also includes Racesuit, Cap and...