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    >>>> In this update I tried to correct everything you guys said ... There are two versions...

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Great job, loving racing this track.
Awesome job! Textures are great, track feels accurate, love it!
I get stuck randomly by the walls. Unplayable.
Lovely track. Thank you for sharing
Great track! Amazing graphics also!
Well done Baku
It is perfect Baku It is wonderful like uphill corner of the castle.
drivable, but soooo much clipping glitches :/ but normal because it's a wcp track..
Best track mod so far!
Top notch work mate !!! Keep it up !!!
One hell of a job, sir. Thank you very much.
AMAZING JOB!!! 1 of the BEST mods work than iam saw in all games! Great Work!! Good luck in Future, friend!!
This is the first time reviewing a track, but this one really took me by surprise so I just *have* to rate this great track.

I've done quite a few practice laps as well as Qualifying and an 8-lap race with the Formula Ultimate and I've had a blast. The overall quality of the track is outstanding, really surprisingly so; this applies to both visuals as well as track surface.

So far I couldn't spot any glaringly obvious issues, but I did notice two things:
1. Some objects are popping up in the distance, for example when you're nearing turn 3 - I think? - among others. However, this may be a technical limitation of the engine...?
2. During my qualifying and race I've had the spotter report "car left" even though no one was even close to me. One time was when was entering the finishing straight, the other time was somewhere around turn 8, I believe.

In any case, thank you so much for releasing this, Bebo! I'm very much looking forward to any other releases you may have in the future. :)
Awesome!! Thank you.
Nice work thank you.
Do you or anyone else have the current Mexico F1 track in this quality? Would love to have it. Thanks!
Very Good ! thx
Wow!!.This is amazing work.Thank you very much.
Good work and thx
Bebo Joseph
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