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AudioLoids BMW Z4 GT3 soundmod

AudioLoids BMW Z4 GT3 soundmod 1.7

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Amazing sound, not sure what happened but the engine noise in cockpit view fades away after leaving the pit.
Thank you.
Fantastic sound, I think this mod is being so unfairly reviewed. This is the closest to the real thing, and there's amazing attention to detail, especially in the throttle transitions (the other mods are all too abrupt). Anyway, I loved it.

By the way, dear modder, in this car the Compressor buzzing sounds perfectly well, with a nice muffled tone. In the Huracan / Audio LMS they don't they get muffled and too loud sometimes. Do you know what that might be?
the external pitch and the internal are not synced
I appreciate your effort mate, but this sound ruins the experience.
sorry, not convincing, the best BMW Z4 has still RaceRoom. Also the one from Fonsecker is not good for this car.
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
Not gonna start a discussion but we aren't trying to make sounds that sound like a game, we are trying to let the ingame sound sound like the video source
Amazing... Thank you so much
I can't seem to ignore the gear whine pitch, shouldn't the pitch go higher when shifting up?
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
it goes higher all the time as speed increases
Great EXT sound...
Great sound! :) Please make new sounds for the F1 cars! :D Nobody prepares for them.I think there are many possibilities in them. :D
Great great sound. Can we expect a SLS AMG GT3?
no sound.
Sounds good. Detail of different sound layers is nice and well separated. Transmission whine has something funky with it though, as it if is relative to engine rpm instead of speed, so that's where this falls short for onboard. External sounds great, Using this one for a bit as the onboard is quite engaging and external sounds solid in replays.
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
For transmition it is relative to speed, the more speed more pitch increase and volume, not sure what yo mean relative by rpm, if you here real cars transmision doesnt change pitch just cause you change gear, that might be your perception because the engine changes pitch when you change gear.
Very good sound, subtle and realistic, thank you albert
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
Don't forget iketani too :D
Superb .. Thanks
Really good sound but exterior is muffled and quiet. That and tyres are really quiet. Shame.
Sublime son merci
good job !!!!!!
thanks !!!
The sounds of the engine is fantastic and finally brings decent sound to this car. However, the tire sounds are pretty much non existent and way off balance. Even with the engine off and tires at 10, I couldn't get much.