bmw z4 gt3

  1. Itzdatmancam

    2012 24h Nürburgring SP9 Pack 0.1

    This will be the first part of the 2012 edition of the 24 hours of Nürburgring starting with 3 skins, the #9 Audi R8 LMS Ultra Entered by Raeder Motorsport, and the #17 and #18 BMW Z4 GT3's entered by Vita4One racing. The #9 started 21st and Did not finish, along with the #17, that started 9th...
  2. jimber1234

    BMW Z4 GT3 RMG RACING skin 0.1

    this is my fictional racing team skin for the BMW Z4 GT3 (kunos) , hope you like the skin!
  3. erolandinieto

    G2 eSports BMW Z4 GT3 1.0

    As a big G2 fan since the Gamers2 era and although I just learnt that the G2 SIM racing team has its own liveries with their colours I decided to make my own version where Red Bull is its main sponsor as RB is closely linked with racing. #G2ARMY A few more screenshots ingame: G2 fan or...
  4. BMW Z4 GT3 Assetto Corsa (Real Hands & Steering Wheel, POV, 4K)

    BMW Z4 GT3 Assetto Corsa (Real Hands & Steering Wheel, POV, 4K)

    Hello~ i'm C.Park. Assetto Corsa Racing Wheel Gameplay Real Hands & Steering Wheel POV Gameplay 00:00 POV 09:57 Replay 15:02 Car Setup
  5. C

    Setup for BMW Z4 GT3 at Suzuka

    Does anyone have a setup for the BMW Z4 GT3 at Suzuka? Since this track is not on the base game it is difficult to find a setup for this combo. My best lap on the base setup on soft tyres is a 2:06.259. Thanks in advance :)
  6. U

    Sounds Combining two sound-files for X-Bow GT4

    Hello guys, i'm pretty much a novice at modding (especially in AC), so I could use some help or advice in modifying a sound-bank-file. I downloaded a KTM X-Bow GT4, because I kinda fell in love with it in real-life after seeing it participating the 24h race at the Nurburgring. But the sound is...
  7. T

    BMW Z4 - 3.0 CSL Tribute Skin 1.2

    This is my attempt at recreating the Z4 tribute skin. It includes a clean version and one with sponsors and driver names. Both versions now include a white a black skin. This is the first skin that I have made from scratch, so feedback is appreciated. I can provide the PSD file by request...
  8. FUrbizaglia

    BMW Z4 GT3 - Ripper's Babe 2019-04-20

    Instructions Extract the '' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'bmw_z4_gt3_livery' DDS file
  9. DaWallace

    BMW Z4 GT3 N00B Racing livery 2019-03-13

    I created this livery as my racing livery for the next upcoming GT3 Endurance Championship of Simsport Racing. So maybe someone has fun with this livery too.:)
  10. Frank Murphy

    BILLY BOY skin | #nasichi Z4 GT3 24h of Spa 2018-10-22

    Original 24hSpa Skin of our Team #nasichi No.169 We started at this event to have lots of fun and for a charity reason. Because together with the association "Youth against AIDS" and BILLY BOY we want to point out a serious matter. And we would be happy if you support the work of the association...
  11. P

    BMW Z4 GT3 - E621 Racing livery 1.0

    The lost bet is lost. E621 inspired livery for BMW Z4 GT3, good for expressing your preferences. readme.txt included.
  12. F

    Skin for BMW Z4 gt3 2018-07-16

    Razor's BMW m3 skin from Need for Speed Most Wanted adapted for the BMW Z4 GT3
  13. shadow118

    BMW Z4 GT3 RedBull 1.0

    A digital camo RedBull livery for the BMW Z4 GT3
  14. S

    BMW Z4 GT3 Green Monster Fantasy Skin 2018-04-21

    I made a fantasy Gt3 Skin for the BMW Z4

    BMW Z4 GT3 Skinpack 0.4

    BMW Z4 GT3 Skinpack 10 fictional skins in 2k. Extract the archive in your cars folder. Fits well with these packs:
  16. JuNi Racing

    Walkenhorst Motorsport N24h 2014 #28 Art Car 1.0

    Hi guys This is the, in my view almost best looking Z4 GT3 of the Nürburgring. Have fun with it :)
  17. H

    BMW Z4 GT3 Blank Template

    Looking for a BMW Z4 GT3 Blank Template, and having a hard time finding one. Could anyone help to get me pointed in the right direction. Much appreciated, Thanks
  18. NegenTienTwaalf

    BMW Z4 GT3 - BWT Mücke Motorsport Livery 1.0

    Hi guys, it's me back again with a new mod. This time it's a BWT Mücke Motorsport livery for the BMW Z4 GT3. This mod contains the livery itself with the usual helmet and suit. Here is a screenshot: Feedback is always welcome and hopefully you guys will enjoy racing with this skin! :) (If you...
  19. Markus1605

    PP Group/Walkenhorst BMW Z4 GT3 VLN 2017 2017-04-24

    This time I have the PP Group /Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW Z4 GT3. It`s not a 100% match due of limitations of the template. But i`ve tried my very best. Enjoy!
  20. TheSourceOfTheNile

    Race Department BMW Z4 GT3 Skin (4k + 2k) 1.02

    Race Department BMW Z4 GT3 Skin Over 12 hours of work has gone into creating my entry into the Race Department skinning competition, and I couldn't be happier with how well it turned out. Please give feedback on what you think of it! A lot of work goes into making these liveries, and I plan...