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Assetto Corsa CarTimesApp

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This is just a simple app I made, to compare the best lap times for 2 selected vehicles.

It reads the "personalbest.ini" from "Documents\Assetto Corsa" and the "contents" folder form the Assetto Corsa installation folder (specifically the data in "cars" and "tracks" folders, mainly the "ui.json" for each car and track) and selects the tracks that have lap times for both selected cars. Finally it displays the data in a single table, as shown in the attached image. Important: the app only reads the files, no modifications are made.


For first time usage, you have to select the path to Assetto Corsa root folder and the path to the personalbest.ini file (usually in "Documents\Assetto Corsa"), but the program will let you know if the paths are correct or not. These paths will be saved, so you will not have to set them again.

Final notes:
  • The app is by no means perfect, I am not really a Developer
  • Please let me know if you find any issues while using the app, I would like to solve any bugs that might appear
  • I am welcoming towards suggestions for improvement
  • I am willing to collaborate on this project to make it better, especially on the UI side
  • I hope it will be useful to you and you will enjoy it
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