1. T

    Assetto Corsa CarTimesApp

    This is just a simple app I made, to compare the best lap times for 2 selected vehicles. It reads the "personalbest.ini" from "Documents\Assetto Corsa" and the "contents" folder form the Assetto Corsa installation folder (specifically the data in "cars" and "tracks" folders, mainly the...
  2. K

    CSC 1.2

    Hi. This is my small app for AC that I have developed recently as a chance to learn some Python programming. What it does is comparing three setups for currently chosen track/car configuration. It shows what changes have been made in comparison to selected setup. There are other programms like...
  3. MotherDawg

    Setup Comparer for Automobilista

    Setup Comparer is a small application that can display two setups side by side for comparison. Setup Comparer is an .HTA file. That's a Microsoft HTML file standard. It opens in an Explorer windows under Microsoft HTML Application host. Since it does not write anything anywhere, it does not...