Assetto Corsa Black Cat UI

Assetto Corsa Black Cat UI July#06

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Assetto Corsa with all last updates and DLC worth to have new design of user interface.
This one called "Black Cat UI' and "cats" included. This theme based on default from actual version to bring more modern feeling design. Simple geometry with using specially effected backgrounds. Thanks members of community for wonderful screenshots. It's quetly easy to use and "How to" in readme.txt file (Put folder \Black_Car_UI\ into assettocorsa\launcher\themes\)

Note: Theme designed and tested with 1080p resolution

01.05: Updated with new background pack #3
04.06: Updated with new background pack #4
08.07: Updated with new "Red" background pack #5
23.07: New background's set. Red Pack July #6. Iclude 3 last packs (all else seems to be outdated..)

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Latest reviews

the best for me but with the recent update , in the race panel, the championship is missing ..
Thanks for the update ! :)
Glad, if it's useful and make a sense for your vision. Still... do. PS. Perhaps at some near future AC native UI will be not needed at all? ;-)
Fantasti update , thanks ! :)
Great update , thanks ! :)
Very nice! Thank you, much appreciated.
Great job , cheers and thanks mate ! :)
Top of the line work.
Very nice !
Less austere than the original.

Maybe not a huge fan of the title on the corner on the background with the title "assetto corsa" and the cat logo ("bgr filder"). It's just my personnal taste.
But it's a breath of fresh air, yes ! I agree.

Thanks for this good idea !
Keep going ! It's better with this skin.
I like that you included even more images in that pack_01 folder. Great job. I'm enjoying this.
A breath of fresh air ;)
PS: Yous should change the Readme.txt and add after Put folder /Black_Car_UI/ into assettocorsa/launcher/ "themes" otherwise will not work ;)
Glad if it's useful for you and working nicely, as well. And thanks for this remark
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