Assen 2002 TT Circuit - Online Version 0.96

add-on track for Ride2

  1. ReZ
    2nd version for you to test.

    - works online and offline
    - compatible with all other online-trackmods from me
    - only clear weather for now.
    - sometimes broken final results in Singleplayer AI-Races

    How to install :

    - extract the DLC folder into your Ride2 game folder.
    - backup your gfxgem.mix if you like
    - download latest version of gfxgem.mix (link below)

    Important note
    : always use the newest version of gfxgem.mix I provide, this will be a seperate download from now on, so i don't have to update all mods if I change or add something new to online mods.

    replace gfxgem.mix with modded version

    - ingame you should find the Track located in "Airport Fastlane" trackgroup at the end of you tracklist.
    - not compatible with VR46 Track Importeur
    (would make no sense to have it 2 times)
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Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: 0.96
    The results of race like in Laguna Seca are not good nor correct not valid is a pity. Someone can add Cadwell Park in this game please
  2. Charkx27
    Version: 0.95
    What a nice try dude ! seriously !
    the only bug is when i finished on 1st place, then the result is 16th place, i hope you fix it, but not necessary at all.
    i hope you add some another track again, and i'll be very greatful if you add valencia or sepang.. :)
    1. ReZ
      Author's Response
      do you maybe have older version of misano kartodromo installed ? if yes, please download new version - so the results should work correct on both tracks.
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