Antalya Autodrome

Antalya Autodrome 1.0

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Conversion from rFactor2.
Fictional circuit in Antalya, Turkiye.


-CSP required
-40 pit/start
-2 layout
-AI, cam

Credits & Thanks;
Eren Tuzci ( @erenschumacher ), the author of the rFactor2 version and Thank you for gave me permission, AI, cam and ai_hints.ini.

AC Converted by @shin956
.lua and font by @Gunnar333
logo.png by @Fanapryde
tree, marshall, some textures by kunos
Test and Feedback by @breathe_reprise , Eren Tuzci

rFactor2 version (steam workshop);


Patreon-only track requests are now being accepted.

Latest reviews

great flow ! thanks man
For a fictional track this is a really good layout. As others have said the flow is brilliant and gives a great driving feel.

Using the BTTC cars and having a blast !

Thanks :)
excellent track
Beautiful circuit, very nice flow and layout, and the track itself looks great (very well optimized too). Thanks a lot for sharing your work !
Perico Lospa
Fun, technical, with a wide range of curves, but fluid, very fluid... or at least, that's how it is with the Lotus Emira, which is the car with which I have tested the track.... Cool!

And in the graphic section, very good, as always, although some little things can always be improved, such as tarmac textures, transitions between the grass and the asphalt, some flags... Nitpicking here, really...

Loving this -- great layout/flow, competitive AI, fabulous look and feel. And the road mesh is perfect. Many thanks!
very nice! Never drove this track B4. Gives a nice rush :-)
Fan tas tic
Fantastic track with great following curves. I believe it's possible for the ai to handle the final curve better other than that. Excellent track.
top track. nice layout and good looking. top job thanks.
Merci et bravo Une nouvelle merveille faites par l'équipe Shin956 et tous ses acolytes.

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