[AMS2] F1 1991 Season

[AMS2] F1 1991 Season 1.1

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This fantastic F1 1991 Season for Formula Classic Gen 3 cars would not have been possible without Léo Rock, Wolf, Humpty and Chrisi74. Thanks a lot guys.

This package contains :
- V12 : Ferrari, McLaren, Ligier, Larrousse, Minardi teams
- V10 : Williams, Lotus, Jordan, Leyton-House
- V8 : Benetton, Footwork, Tyrrell, Brabham

You can expect more F1 season from me in AMS2. See you soon !

Latest updates

  1. New previews + AI files

    So this version is a megapack for the F1 1991 season because i have added Chrisi74 new previews...
  2. Jordan 191 update

    Thank you JoL for this colour update

Latest reviews

Best mod on AM2 hands down, having a lot of fun with it. Thank you.
EPIC work!
thank you
Damn, this stuff is soooo good !
I'm loving it so much !!!
Lovely pack. Especially with the Good Year text on the tires. Really ads something.
Man, it is absolutely perfect! That's awesome in a lot of levels. Thank you so much. I have just one only thing to ask you, please, the Senna's helmet is part of his history, you know? Can you, please, consider to replace this one? The correct is Yelow with green and blue stripes. Greetings from Brazil!
o o
Crazy how I started PC racing with World Circuit (GP1) with this carset and now I'm back racing it again...

Very nice work. The Williams is just breathtaking in its fidelity.
Really great liveries.
Superb looking skins! Well done!
Adds a whole new level of immersion!
Congrats to all who contributed to this pack. With these liveries, engine sounds and general AMS 2 improvements it's not hard to make the argument that AMS 2 is now the best vintage F1 sim available.
Como faço para instalar alguem me ajuda?
Excellent Work, reminds me the era I still loved F1 and watched all events.
Thank You!!!!!
Well done & thank you to all of the wonderfully talented modders!!!

The complete F1 seasons; 91 / 93 / 94 / 95 / 97 / 02 / 2020 etc. are making AMS2 so much more fun to play!!!

Amazing! I was hoping someone would be able to do this, dream come true! Thank you so much!

This is really my dream come true. Huge thanks!

Which it would be possible to add driver names too.

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