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Alastaro Circuit 2.0.2

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The small three-kilometer track in Loimaa municipality is one of the main constituent of the Finnish car racing. The significant races have never been organized here, however, practically all young drivers from Finland and Norway at least once participated in the amateur or youth competitions organized here. Apart from the classic circuit races and competitions of the Formula 3 class the drag racing championships stages are also organized here.

Scratch-build track. Road and most of ground based on lidar data.

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Track features:
  • Five layouts
  • 24 to 40 pits (Trackday 40, others 24)
  • Track map and corner names
  • Physical road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • TV cameras

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Latest updates

  1. 2.0.2 Fix

    Fixed crossroads not being drivable surface
  2. 2.0.1

    Track limit changes
  3. 2.0 Graphics overhaul

    NOTICE: To prevent any possible conflicts with earlier versions and to not store files no longer...
  4. 1.0.1

    ADDED: Preview TV cameras to Circuit layout FIXED: Smoothed large bumps on main straight...
  5. 1.0 Release

    NOTICE: To prevent any possible conflicts with earlier versions and to not store files no longer...

Latest reviews

Track profile is spot-on. Would like to see a version without the bollards or with collision physics. They aren't as solid IRL :D Not the prettiest, but very much like the real track.
Nice to see a Finnish track, thanks for sharing! Overall maybe not so lively as the best work out there, the grass being major part of it I think. Also Track Day mode in Content Manager doesn't work for me at least, game crashes back to CM with error message "AI spline might be missing or broken". This is the only mod track that does it. Fun track still amd I hope you keep at it, I believe many of us would love to love this. :)
Thanks for the feedback. At the moment plan is that after I have released other track I’m currently working on I’ll get back to Alastaro. This will include tweaks to ground textures and also adding 3D grass. What comes to error in CM I can’t reproduce this. I’d recommend you to delete the track folder, redownload it and test again or test it without CM.
grazie ;)
Fun little track in the MX5 Cup. Everything looks up to par besides the grass really takes away from the track but other than that good work. Hit alot of the runoffs and found no holes will update if I do find any.
The track is fun and the surface itself is good. However, there are holes in the ground around a lot of the corners. Outbrake yourself and the paved runoff is actually a hole. The AI also managed to run one another off course which results in a flip or just a sinking car.
Maybe you could pinpoint these these issue locations more precisely instead of saying there is a hole somewhere over there. Would make them much easier to fix.
Superb, thanks
grazie ;)
Average as much... there are really good works in RD.
Thank you for upgrade this very enjoyable track.
What happened between this update and the previous? You had 3d grass and gravel around the track, now it's just texture.
3D grass isn't included at the moment because current grass texture isn't anymore the perfect golf field lawn so I have to work more with 3d grass texture... so yes, 3d grass wasn't top priority.
Nice work, many thanks! o/
Definitely a lot of potential. The car fell into a hole on the first turn. A little more love and texture work and this would easily become a five star track.
Great track. Thanks for your work. One note to people downloading it, you have to create a folder with the track name to extract the files into.
The graphics are pretty and the layout is very fun to drive. Unfortunately, in a race, the fun is partly ruined by the deadly black-yellow little poles that sits fixed and invulnerable in the inside of almost every track corner. Those are not simply like plastic cones that fly away, but are fixed objects like walls, and are the cause of a lot of crashes for cars that go over the curbs trying to overtake.
Oh, comment about "AI killer" poles again... Well I can say that next update to the track will change the poles. They will still ruin your race and will make you ragequit but poles will be moved slightly away from the track so atleast AI shouldn't hit those anymore.
Tried a short race, but AI behaved strange in Sprint track. Everybody stopped at finish line after the first lap. Else the tracks are quite good.
My most immediate first impression was enjoyment with the track itself. Usually with mod tracks you will first notice some funny textures or a hit in performance but with this track everything seemed to be in order and the landscape wasn't too cluttered allowing me to enjoy the track for what it is. I've only tried the track day layout so far which was quite easy to learn.
Very nice set of enjoyable tracks. Needs a set of binoculars though (-: I agree the track cams are too far away to enjoy replays. Keep up the good work, thanks for making and sharing this.
Hi, thanks for feedback. At the moment idea behind track side cameras is more like track marshal's point of view instead of imagine there would be real TV camera with something like zoom effects. Not to forget, of course everyone is free to edit already existing cameras and why not share those edits with me.
Great work. Really nice little track. Just minus one star because the cameras aren't very good. Give us some nice, closer follow/panning and static cameras to really show of how nice this track really is!
Thank you, didn't know this track before and it has a very nice layout. Graphics and road feeling are average though.
Haven't played this version yet, but 0.8 was excellent. Any chance you could do OuluZone track? I have some Racechrono and trackAddickt files from there, if you need one =)
First time I even hear name OuluZone, but what I searched it's somewhat popular because there have been drift days? Anyway, at the moment I don't have any huge plans to begin creating another track.
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