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Ajo Motorsport and JPMoto Malaysia Moto2 2015 mod pack! 1.0

The mod that everyone would love...

  1. irfanzaidi
    A full AJO Motorsports and JPMoto Malaysia Moto2 texture mod. Includes, pits, crew, custom bike, rider 11218081_1632036643745318_1671924095446228875_o.jpg 11391325_1631886313760351_4983599157380912699_n.jpg MotoGP14 2015-06-04 17-51-20-69.jpg MotoGP14 2015-06-04 17-52-27-88.jpg MotoGP14 2015-06-04 17-52-38-03.jpg 10295897_1603239756584189_2580712304475335691_o.jpg 11102970_1603433256564839_8539854382650914361_o (1).jpg MotoGP14 2015-06-04 17-43-12-74.jpg MotoGP14 2015-06-04 17-46-25-44.jpg MotoGP14 2015-06-04 18-52-01-45.jpg etc.

    Rea> Zaqhwan Zaidi
    AGT Rea> JPMoto Malaysia

    To install you need to extract and remix two files:
    If your having problems just leave a question and I'll try and help.
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