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Red Bull Classic Career Helmet Pack 1.0


  1. irfanzaidi
    Red Bull Classic Career helmet in 2017 Red Bull Colour plus Red Bull Sponsor stickers for your career helmet's visor. ENJOY !:thumbsup:

    Red Bull stickers which includes realistic X-802R logo on visor's side.

    Any suggestions or requests, leave in comment.

    Installation instructions:
    1. Use mixfile remixer to extract GFXCIRCUIT.MIX, they are found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MotoGP17 if using Steam, if not it will look something like this C:\Program Files\Milestone\MotoGP17

    2. Download the Pack mod files and extract them.

    3. Copy and paste the downloaded files (helmet's and visor ".dds" files) into the extracted GFXCIRCUIT.MIX folders.

    5. Repack the extracted folders back into MIX files (make sure to set the format to SBK-X/V8) and save them back into ….\common\MotoGP17 (make sure to back up your MIX files before replacing them).

    6. Done;)

    Please visit my new FACEBOOK page or Instagram to catch up updates on WIP mods or you can request skins to me.

    MotoGP17 2017-06-19 17-10-40-10.jpg MotoGP17 2017-06-19 17-10-50-30.jpg MotoGP17 2017-06-19 17-11-36-94.jpg MotoGP17 2017-06-19 17-11-58-28.jpg
    Thank you. Hope you guys like it :)


Recent Reviews

  1. Stels35
    Version: 1.0
    thank you!
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