actracker 0.6

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Thanks! this is awesome man
He's one of our own...

Sorry, couldn't help it - great app btw!
thanks!!! it is posible change green color for blue color (blue flag)
Mathias André
Mathias André
Oops, I replied to the wrong thread :D
At the moment the only way is to change the colours in the code, I didn't use blue in the first place as it was hard to read on the dark background and red pops up well. I'll see if I can improve it for the next version
Now it works! Thank you for this fast hotfix!
Superb thank you! :)

I would think "red" means bad though and "green" means good. So bad drivers or lapped drivers would be red, and drivers ahead/good drivers are green. This is the other way around which is a little weird for my head hehe. Green = good, red = bad is how most things are rated in life. :) But thanks, great app!
I like that Black Box of iRacing. Welcome to Assetto Corsa. Thank you to the dev.
Good app. It makes job easier on races. Hope it will improve when AC allows it via API updates.
nice and smooth
Very nice idea for an app, especially useful in multiplayer.
Works like a charm:

Download, start AC, give way to faster cars listed in red / ram annoying lapped cars listed in green.
i missed that! thanks a lot
works like a charm.
good idea