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_AC_Colors ppfilter 1.4

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Removed the need for reshade thanks to a new filter trick I never even knew existed. Thanks to JavireTwo for showing me the color grading option. Don't know exactly how it works, but my guess is it would be similar to using the LUT option in reshade. I'm still learning how it works exactly and tinkering with the lut file I created, but i'm happy enough with these results to put it out there. I'm sure it will change over time.



As always, I realize it may look great on my monitor but look terrible on others so I suspect that it's not for everyone. Like all my other resources, it was done for myself but I figured i'd share it in case someone else might get some use out of it. Easy enough to delete and move on to something better if you don't care for it.
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Small update to the _AC_Colors_Extra.lua file to correct oversaturation of the colors (especially the greens) during overcast weather conditions. Should be a little less neon looking green in those conditions now. Could still need lowered a bit more but I need to test it on a few more tracks first.
Small correction to the AC_Colors_Cool preset. Noticed today that it caused anything yellow to have a slightly greenish hue to the yellow color.
Small update. I replaced the two reshade presets with two new ones. AC_Colors_Warm (which is the original) and AC_Colors_Cool. Obviously, the warm one leans towards the warm tones with more of a red\yellow tint overall. On the cool one, I adjusted a few of the numbers for the effects to give it more of a blue tint overall. Very subtle difference between the two but if you view an image side by side, you can see the difference. The cool one was my attempt to solve my issues with tracks like Zandvoort using my original preset. Honestly, I think it has a better balance of colors overall than the original except that it may need a bit more highlight to the reds. Will work on that eventually.

Quick tip. If you'd like to tone down the saturation of the greens on some tracks, enable LUT if you are using the AC_Colors_Cool preset. Enable ColorMatrix if you are using the AC_Colors_Warm preset.