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_AC_Colors ppfilter 3.2

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This is my new color ppfilter to try and get a better looking game for myself. Let me start by saying if you have the system that can handle it, I suggest you use one of the filters listed below. They are far better filter\graphics mods than this one, but unfortunately I can't use them on my mid-range system.

Immersive Filter
New Horizon Shades
A3PP Filter

What I focused on with this filter was trying to get what I think are more realistic looking colors. I like bright, vibrant colors and on my system I was never happy with the tones of the greens or overall vibrancy of the colors. I am much happier with this. I realize everyone's monitors are setup differently so I don't expect this will work for everyone. I just know it looks great on my system and figured I would share it for others to try.



Please read the included text file for a little explanation on things.
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Latest reviews

=) ;)
I've tried and it's excelent. This ppfilter is almost the same as the natural filter with two noticible differences: less blurry image and the color is a little bit more vived, but just a little. Both filters are great but this is works best for me. Thanks for the work, it's very good.
0j0 G_____S =)
Don't pay ettention to people like jeroenalmere and keep up the good work ;)
I don't mind his criticism. Keeps me plugging away to try and find better ways to do things. Thanks for trying it and your feedback.
0k Gracias
Thanks for trying it