600cc F2 SideCar Racing 3.5

Quirky yet Quick- the most accurate motorcycle mod for rFactor your likely to find...

  1. Lee Knight

    • Model extencively Over-haulled & tidied up, Lod's, material, texture and model fixes, LH sidecar created, skins, team grouping, showroom, display additions and fixes, camera adjustment, optimised textures, shaders and model, addition of shift & over-rev light, sepperate classes to match skin groups, New Templates folder now included (And anything else I can't remember) by legendsatlunch & Rebellion
    • Physics originally & extencively overhualled/Updated by Festapwr
    • Reconfigered 'Race Season' track line-up, tweaked & rebalanced brakes & Tested & Tweaked until my brain went creak by BLeeK
    • Additional skins add-on originally by Vautour Boiteux
    • Thank you hemetola for allowing us to upgrade this great mod, if it wasn't available we'd still be kicking around physics theories for sidecars!
    • HUGE thanks too go to Festapwr, legendsatlunch & Rebellion, I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing if it wasn't for you guys, and really,you guys deserve all the credit for this mod being what it is, I did S.F.A compared to what you guys have managed accomplished here- THANK YOU!!
    There's a folder of tracks which will be updated when possible for the series here

    IMPORTANT; When setting up Race Season in the 'Sidecar F2 600cc Series Championship' series, run it as a timed event of 15minutes or less due to Mt Arrowsmith being a point-to-point track.

    Hints to driving
    (Description for Right-hand Drive sidecar- reverse description for new Left-hand Drive Sidecar)
    • Accelorating hard in straight line requires steering right to fight torque steer...
    • Braking hard in a straight line will requiring steering left against the forces ofinertia slightly.
    • Turning Left: ease off before & power around corner & sidecar as you turn.
    • Turning right: let sidecar come around bike as you brake into courner, & power on to stop it coming around too hard.
    • For low-speed right-hand corners you might like to try a little bit of Rear/Hand Brake.
    • If you turn right at speed while using Rear/Hand Brake only, be careful it doesn't spin around on you.
    • Personally, I set FFB to around -66%, you may wish to adjust this figure along with Rear/Hand Brake.
    • Gearing & Fuel is set to tallest ratio & full tank- short tracks may require dropping these figures as well.
    Music Credits
    • 'Shadow Owls' by Jumpledat
    • 'Full Moon' & 'Where is Everybody' by The Herd
    • 'Time Clock' by Oka
    • 'Deep Bass Thrombosis', 'Keep On' & 'Interstate' by Rastawookie


    1. 1Sidecars @ Bremgarten.jpg
    2. 2Sidecars v3-1.jpg
    3. 3Sidecar MZ.jpg
    4. 4Sidecarsitworks.jpg
    5. 5Sidecars Blokesworld.jpg
    6. 6Sidecar-Dash.JPG
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    Version: 3.5
    Great mod thank you
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    Version: 3.5
    Very well done. Quirky indeed, but also unique and fun.