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600cc F2 SideCar Racing

Cars 600cc F2 SideCar Racing 3.5

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Lee Knight submitted a new resource:

600cc F2 SideCar Racing v3.0 - Quirky yet Quick- the most accurate motorcycle mod for rFactor your likely to find...

[Lifted from Read Me]

////////////////////////DELETE ORIGINAL VERSION FIRST\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{DELETE any version dated before 16-9-15}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
\\\\\\\\\\\\\THIS WILL OVERWRITE ORIGINAL IF INSTALLED!/////////////////

+++++++++++++++++Original Mod by hemetola+++++++++++++++
<Message from: hemetola===============================>
<Good morning Bleek and happy new...

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Lee Knight updated 600cc F2 SideCar Racing with a new update entry:

Smaller 'fix' file in text to save download size, original updated with fix

  • Model extencively Over-haulled & tidied up, Lod's, material, texture and model fixes, LH sidecar created, skins, team grouping, showroom, display additions and fixes, camera adjustment, optimised textures, shaders and model, addition of shift & over-rev light, sepperate classes to match skin groups, New Templates folder now included (And anything else I can't remember) by legendsatlunch & Rebellion
  • Physics originally & extencively overhualled/Updated by FestaPWR
  • Files tidied...

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