4K Rich Energy Haas f1team 2019 official

4K Rich Energy Haas f1team 2019 official 2019-02-07

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Rich Energy Haas f1team 4k texture

I make real livery HAAS 2019 for f1 2014
Replaced Marussia

Put the ma2 folder into the cars folder in the root folder of the f1 2014 game (C:programm files86/steam/steamapps/f1 2014)

Latest reviews

Good job!
OMG, why you evaluate the work of other users on the same theme...
don't underestimate the other creators of the same livery, it's very stupid
But I did it earlier. And the more I rated them better than they did me. See rating
Well, the overall skin for the car are well done instead for the area around the cockpit, is a bite messy, and behind the rear wing. Now the fact about the litlle tweak in the rear tyres, i love in the looking, is like a 17' car, but in drivebility is not very nice, the car slides in every corner, i think its because of that. Just need a update in this thing and will be very nice, and if the drivebility of the car can improve letting the tyres in this way, will be awesome.. Nice mod
To be honest, I took the standard control of the game. I myself still do not know how to work on the management of the car