4K Rich Energy Haas f1team 2019 official

Skins 4K Rich Energy Haas f1team 2019 official 2019-02-07

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Dec 19, 2018
A few issues ::

1. On the back of the rear wing there is no peak advert, only on the side of the wing.

2. The mirrors are supposed to be entirely gold
3. There is no gold square box on the side of the wheels, that is supposed to be black ( underneath the Richard Mille advert ).
4.The peak energy logo on the side of the rear wing looks tilted, it should be centered
5.There is a gold pinstripe underneath the white haas word mark on the side of the car.

Otherwise good job, just a few minor details and it would be perfect. I didn’t want to leave any star rating until you had a chance to correct it


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Aug 28, 2017
1. The Peak can be removed from the rear fender by removing the Peak on the side of the rearwing

2. the chassis does not allow this
3. if I was there will be removed, there will be no Golden mirrors
4.I did everything right,look closely

5.Stripes there is no, look closely
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