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2021 McLaren Mercedes - Mod Package (Car Livery, Race Gear, Attires)

2021 McLaren Mercedes - Mod Package (Car Livery, Race Gear, Attires) 1.00

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The new era for McLaren starts in 2021 as they return to Mercedes engines hoping to return to days of the glory that the McLaren Mercedes partnership brought to the team.

The livery features a signature shinny McLaren Orange paint and the matte grey.


The driver gear is also in the orange and grey colors with a little bit of black.


Here is the racecrew and the pitcrew:


Included are:

- car livery
- numbers for Sainz & Norris
- driver suits
- official New Era Mclaren cap (
- boots
- gloves
- racecrew attires
- pitcrew suits

There also 3 options for the car wheel rims:

Here are the default black rims:


With an orange circle at the edge:


And all orange rims:


I couldn't decide which ones are the absolute best. I leave that to you.

How to install:

If you like the mod a rating would be much appreciated!

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Peter Roche Racing
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Latest reviews

Great job the car look amazing on track !
Can you make a liverie for McLaren 2019 but with a color theme like the 2015 car ( black and red )
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Thank you! Except when in comes to numbers for my liveries I don't do requests. I spend quite a lot on my own mods and accepting other requests would just mean that I would spend way to much time on modding. I want to do some other stuff. Hope you'll understand!
Thanks for this amazing mod. Nice work. Tutorial is also very good.
Beautiful McLaren design :) Well done!
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Thanks Kevin!
Can you help me out with the padt to driver and Racecrew & Pitcew in ERP?
Looks awesome by the way!!
Many thanks in advance.
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
I think you'll find the best help in the tutorial above. I covered everything there just follow everything that I do and you should be fine. If you still have problems send me a DM.
Awesome. Especially BECAUSE its ERP, not drag and drop so you can only use ONE skin... sorry for that one guy, Peter, I literally use all your mods
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Thanks luzyyy. Proud to hear that :D
Awesome Job,and the tutorial is perfect to understand….but i have still one Question,what i have to do to Change the Color of mor numbers than just 4 and 55 ?
not drag n drop
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
I think drag & drop will never be good way to install a mod like this one because then you can have just one mod in the game. I try to do my best with the video tutorials so everybody can install my mods with no problem.
Great skin, really looking foward to McLaren in 2021
this is awesome any chance you can put A better tomorrow sponsor in the front wing? if you can it will be a perfect mclaren skin nobody has done that before this actualy make me think if is even possible
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
I would have to replace the FxPro logo. I might try that at some point. Right now I want to finish the rest of my mods. Thanks for the 5 stars!
Too bad the shark fin is still blue though.
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
It looks odd at first but I really like it. Maybe it will grow on you? Thank you for the 5 stars!